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About Mai li

Zhejiang Maili Mechanical and Electrical Co.,Lta.was established in 2003(the formername is Rui'anMaili VT Motor Co.,Ltd.)locating in Rui'an City ofZhejiang Province which features developed industry.The company is devoted to the R&D,manufacturing and sale of driving equipment,and the main products include:parallel axisseries VT AC reducer,rectangular axisseries VT AC reducer,CH/CVseries small reducer,high efficiency and high precisionseries Planetary reducer,MLF3hypoidseries reducer and ACseries common motor.The products are widely applied in the fields such as financial machinery,food



Modern production equipment

Peaken has advanced zutomated production equip-ment which can provide strong ensurance for the precision quality of produts,To ensure thestability andreliability of products,technical experts take part in the production.lncreasing awareness of quality and innovative products continuous won a high degree of trust and


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